Why You Must Be Cautious Choosing Who Does Your Dermal Fillers

Ever wonder where to go to get your dermal filler treatments? There are so many options it can be overwhelming. 

Ultimately everyone can agree on one thing – you want someone highly trained to perform these procedures! It’s your face, after all. 

How can you actually know who is good and what their experience is?

Well, let’s break it down. 

Dermal Filler Training is Essential  

All medical professionals who perform these procedures are mandated to get training before administering dermal fillers. However, the training requirements are often vague. Even some medical professionals think it is satisfactory to perform these procedures after watching a few youtube videos and seeing a peer inject someone. It’s wild! 

Complications from filler procedures range from small and transient issues like bruising and swelling to significant and disastrous complications such as blindness and skin necrosis. 

There are so many important considerations for injectors to factor into their treatment plan to ensure safe and optimal results. 

It’s why undergoing filler training courses is essential for safely administering fillers. Here’s How You Can Get Certified For Dermal Fillers.


Know Your Injectors & Their Filler Training Courses 

We encourage all patients to get to know their injectors and get all their questions answered! 

An injector with the appropriate training and knowledge should have no problem easily answering all questions and putting your mind at ease. 

Also, you should ensure your injector is a physician or nurse. Some individuals pretend to be doctors or nurses and are not, in fact, medical professionals. 

There was recently a big investigation in Vancouver about this. 

We take great pride in educating medical professionals to be excellent injectors. The Filler Course is Canada’s Gold Standard Filler Training Program and offers comprehensive anatomy training, extensive technical and hands-on injecting and instruction from some of Canada’s top injectors.

The filler course is Canada’s Gold Standard dermal filler course. Designed for healthcare professionals, this three-day comprehensive and practical course will provide participants with the opportunity to expand their scope of practice to include medical aesthetics. Our highly trained medical staff and business professionals teach this course so that healthcare professionals interested in advanced medical aesthetics can acquire this invaluable new skillset. The Filler Course is available throughout Canada. Book your spot today, as the spaces are limited. 

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