What Is The Difference Between A Blunt Tip Cannula & A Needle?

There are many different techniques utilized by injectors in medical aesthetics.

Depending on the treatment area, the product you are using and the desired result, the type of needle utilized for an injection varies.

Often new injectors wonder – do I use a cannula or needle?

Our Filler Course Teaches Both

In the filler course, we teach both needle and canula and help learners develop a decision-making process for when to use both.

With a sharp needle, the filler can be injected precisely and easily. The risk is if that sharp needle accidentally punctures an artery or vein, causing a blockage. This would cause an occlusion and tissue ischemia, which can lead to skin breakdown and complications.

When we are teaching a needle technique, we ensure all injectors aspirate before pushing on the plunger. By aspirating, we can ensure there is no flash of blood in the needle and inject with confidence knowing the likelihood of being in a vessel is low.


We recommend utilizing a blunt tip cannula if you are injecting in a higher risk area with lots of vascular structures. This can limit the chance of puncturing a vessel and helps with safety.

It can feel a bit more challenging to manipulate the needle as the injector must ensure they are in the correct tissue plane.

At the filler course, our instructors always help guide the cannulas so that our medical professionals have a great feel for the depth and resistance they should expect with different injections.

With us, our learners learn how to utilize a cannula and needle technique in the cheeks, tear troughs, jawline, lips and chin! We want the experience to be the most comprehensive for all medical professionals and take great pride in offering the most hands-on training available today.\

The filler course is Canada’s Gold Standard dermal filler course. Designed for healthcare professionals, this three-day comprehensive and practical course will provide participants with the opportunity to expand their scope of practice to include medical aesthetics. Our highly trained medical staff and business professionals teach this course so that healthcare professionals interested in advanced medical aesthetics can acquire this invaluable new skillset. The Filler Course is available throughout Canada. Book your spot today, as the spaces are limited. 

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