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The Career Benefits Of Taking A Dermal Filler Course In Edmonton

Dermal Fillers are a booming business in the field of medical aesthetics. Are you a healthcare professional in Edmonton looking to expand your scope of practice and increase your income potential? The filler course is your key to entering and succeeding in this exciting industry. 

What Are Dermal Fillers? 

First and foremost, what are dermal fillers? Fillers are volumizing agents utilized to restore volume loss that occurs with age. Our course focuses primarily on hyaluronic acid fillers (HA fillers) as they are the most commonly used and sought after product on the market. There are hundreds of different fillers available today, and our comprehensive course will teach learners all that they need to know to be successful injectors. 

Why Take A Dermal Filler Course In Edmonton? 

What are the best reasons to take The Filler Course and seek out dermal filler training in Edmonton? First and foremost, lifestyle. Getting to choose your hours, being able to avoid exhausting shift work and working with healthy and happy patients is highly desirable. If you want to work Mondays only – then do it! If you want to work seven days a week, you can. The possibilities of working in the private medical aesthetics industry are incredible. 

What about having a stress free work environment? We have all worked in an acute care setting at some point in our careers and know how taxing this can be. Offering dermal fillers in Edmonton can be relaxing, energizing and a nice change of scenery from acute care medicine. 

Furthermore, offering fillers can be financially rewarding. For those who take this job seriously, are willing to work hard and have a passion for facial rejuvenation, this career can be a great source of income. There are some medical professionals who like to sprinkle these treatments into their own day to day practice and those who like to do this full time. Regardless this can be a boost to one’s income. How nice is that?

Another reason why this field is so popular for professionals is that they can work with your hands and perform procedures. Being able to assess a face, discuss patient goals, make a treatment plan and then perform a procedure that delivers fantastic results is invigorating for most medical professionals. Much like being able to successfully cardiovert a patient, place a central line, complete an operation or any medical skill that we have, injecting a dermal filler safely and successfully is personally rewarding. 

Filler Training Edmonton

What To Expect From The Filler Course In Edmonton 

We encourage all potential learners to do their due diligence and research prior to registering for the filler course. By doing this, learners will get a sense of the outstanding value they are about to receive in The Filler Course in Edmonton. When learners arrive they will receive course materials and will have anatomy models to utilize throughout the training for reference. Day one will be primarily lecture-based as we start diving into the relevant knowledge that all injectors must know. This includes the most in-depth anatomy lectures available, period. We teach filler basics, the relevant physiology, complications, different injection areas, injection techniques, filler dosing, facial beauty lectures and business lectures, amongst others. Later in the day, we are putting real syringes in learners hands and practicing hands-on injection technique, we are utilizing hyaluronidase and reviewing journal articles to deal with complications appropriately. That’s just day 1! 

On days two and three, we are injecting real patients with HA fillers. We come to you and provide the patients with injections. Most of our treatments are full face, multiple syringe treatments so that all learners get more hands-on injecting than any other course available today. Prior to each injection session, we will have review lectures to re-enforce technique, highlight danger zones and repeat the high yield information essential for learners. 

Upon course completion, we have learners complete feedback forms as we are always looking for ways to improve and continue making this the best dermal filler course in North America. 

The filler course is Canada’s Gold Standard dermal filler course. Designed for healthcare professionals, this three-day comprehensive and practical course will provide participants with the opportunity to expand their scope of practice to include medical aesthetics. Our highly trained medical staff and business professionals teach this course so that healthcare professionals interested in advanced medical aesthetics can acquire this invaluable new skillset. The Filler Course is available throughout Canada. Book your spot today, as the spaces are limited. 

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