Course Testimonials

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“With “the botox course” as the perfect introduction to facial aesthetics, “the filler course” was totally complimentary. I feel totally safe and prepared to begin adding these procedures to my practice. This course emphasized safety through proper techniques and knowledge of anatomy. Small class size and adequate time allowed personal supervision, training and experience. A better experience will not be had at any other course in North America.”


“I signed up the filler course before I even completed the botox course. My nerves increased as I waited for months for the course date. My expectations were exceeded once again. I left feeling safe, competent and knowledgeable with regard to products and techniques. Would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to integrate dermal fillers into their practice.”


“I can’t say enough great things about the botox course! I took the botox course as well as the filler course and I am definitely so thrilled that I invested into this education. I’ve been wanting to get into this industry for so long and believe I chose the right course to get me there! The knowledge I’ve gained as well as all the hands on experience was unlike anything else. I felt confident and supported the whole time and it was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with Dr. Dargie as well as Becky! If you have been looking for a course to take, THIS IS IT!”


“This course is great for individuals getting into injectables. The teachers are so knowledgeable and hands on. Great material and not too overwhelming. The course is broken up into 3 days with a great mix of lecture and practice, which helps grasp a bit of everything you really need to know. You really feel cared about and once the course is done it’s amazing how confident you feel. Can’t wait to start injecting fillers!”