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the filler course trains licensed health care professionals how to inject dermal fillers. Part of becoming a qualified injector is supervised, hands-on training. The treatment for course models is overseen by an experienced physician and/or nurse. We offer different dates and locations so please see our patient registration page for a list of date and locations.

Course models will receive dermal filler treatments at $350 per treatment, which may include multiple treatment areas and syringes. We also offer botox/dysport treatments for $6/unit.

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Note: medical doctors and nurses are not permitted as patient models at our courses due to the fact that we are teaching highly valuable information. Medical doctors and nurses are required to register as course attendees to receive the proper training.

“I recently participated in the “Filler Course” as a patient model. As a “first timer” to filler, I felt comfortable knowing that everyone was in the medical profession. I was well informed on what to expect prior to the procedure and was able to ask questions. Dr. Dargie and his team were very professional and very organized. I would certainly participate again if asked.”


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