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How To Get Certified For Dermal Fillers in Calgary

Over the past few years, the demand for dermal fillers in Calgary has grown significantly. As such, the need for medical practitioners that can safely administer injections has also increased. However, not every medical professional in Calgary can inject dermal fillers; they have to be trained and certified to become a licenced cosmetic practitioner. Only once they have completed a dermal filler training course in Calgary will they be able to administer dermal fillers. 

What Is The Top Dermal Filler Training Course Available Today? 

To have the experience, skills, and the certification to administer dermal fillers, medical practitioners from all professional fields, including GPs, specialists, and nurses (NP’s, RN’s and LPN’s), must seek out additional training to perform dermal filler procedures according to college guidelines. 

Dermal fillers calgary

Training with experienced medical professionals, such as the team at the filler course, will ensure medical professionals understand the relevant information and injection techniques to safely perform these procedures. 

Be cautious when choosing a certification program. Many are offered by professionals who do not comply with college guidelines, such as having a medical director on-site to provide consultation and proper prescribing for patients. Furthermore, many courses offer limited knowledge, withholding information requiring learners to return for level after level training, and provide minimal hands-on training. What sets the filler course apart as the Gold Standard for filler training in Canada is the following: 

  • More hands-on training than any other course available, ensuring you learn safe and correct injection techniques and processes. 
  • You will inject real patients in all areas of the face under supervision
  • Obtain the most in-depth anatomy training covering facial tissue planes, fat pads, arteries, veins and lymphatics amongst so much more
  • In-depth lectures where you will learn about the anatomy and physiology side of dermal fillers. You will also have lectures with business professionals about the legal and business practices relevant to administering dermal fillers. 

Upon completion of the dermal filler course, you will receive an official certificate of completion, highlighting that you have injected patients under supervision and undergone intensive and rigorous training. You can easily register for one of our dermal filler training courses in Calgary today. 

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Dermal Filler Course? 

If you are looking to expand your scope of practice to enter the aesthetics industry, completing a dermal filler course can enhance your prospects. This can improve your current lifestyle, both financially and professionally, and give you a chance to work in a non-acute, less-stressful, relaxed environment. 

If you are a GP, medical specialist or nurse, consider taking a dermal filler course taught by our experienced educators at any of our courses offered across Canada. Our classes are available in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, Victoria, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, and Montreal.

The filler course is Canada’s Gold Standard dermal filler training program. Designed specifically for healthcare professionals, our three-day comprehensive and practical course will provide participants with the opportunity to learn relevant anatomy and gain more hands-on injections than any other course in the country. There are no hidden fees. There is no withholding information. There are no techniques such as canula or injection areas such as tear troughs that are skipped. Aesthetics Training Canada has designed The Filler Course to be the all-encompassing, one-stop experience to train medical professionals on how to safely and effectively inject HA fillers.  Whether you are new to the industry or have been in practice for years and looking for a refresher, our goal is to exceed your expectations. See out testimonials to get an idea of what everyone is talking about. Our training is available throughout Canada, taught by highly-trained and experienced medical staff. Jump online at for more information. 

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