Dermal filler course in Winnipeg

Expand Your Career with Dermal Filler Training in Winnipeg

The filler course is recognized throughout the industry for being the gold standard in filler training in all of Canada. Designed for general physicians, medical specialists, registered nurses and nurse practitioners, this dermal filler course in Winnipeg will expand your career and open new doors of opportunity. Undertaking this course will give you the medical background knowledge, the business acumen and the hands-on practice to elevate your skill set. 

Filler training is a valuable asset that can help you with your career. Whether you want to join a new clinic or add it as a service to your practice, this course will make a profound impact on your work. Our course is led by highly trained medical professionals who are supportive, open, and friendly. We want to provide you with the platform to learn the required skills to enhance your prospects. Sign up for our dermal filler course today!

Dr. Dargie and our team will be offering the comprehensive didactic lectures online and this will be followed with the two-day hands-on injecting in clinic settings across the country. It is mandatory to complete the online learning PRIOR to the hands on clinic training.

Step 1: Click here to register for online didactic training

  • Cost: $1795 (tax included)
  • Self-paced, immersive didactic lessons and demonstration videos
  • Relevant anatomy, physiology and complication management lectures
  • Business management, office integration and digital media lectures
  • 3 month access to online course materials from registration date (no extensions or exceptions)

Step 2: Click here to register for your two-day hands-on clinic training 

  • Cost – $3795 (tax included)
  • $300 nursing discount
  • $300 discount when you sign up for both the botox course and the filler course at the same time
  • Two full days of hands-on training with filler on patients we provide
  • Hands-on with Hyaluronidase
  • Needle and cannula techniques
  • Taught by skilled doctors and top industry nurses

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The Filler Course

100% Hands-On

The Filler Course

Nationally Recognized

The Filler Course

Operated by Medical
Doctors & Nurses

The Filler Course

Nursing Discount Available

What You Will Get from Filler Training in Winnipeg

We created our dermal filler training course to help licensed health care professionals, including doctors (GPs and specialists) and Nurses (NP’s, RN’s and LPN’s) enter the field of medical aesthetics. 

  Our course is led by doctors and nurses who will educate and support all of our learners to obtain this new and incredibly valuable skillset. First, learners receive online didactic training including in-depth anatomy and injection technique lectures, high quality demonstration videos and lectures on the business of filler. Next, in the hands-on training, learners spend two full days injecting patients. From immersive, self-paced online learning to extensive hands-on clinic experience, this course has it all. 

  We encourage all of our learners to read our testimonials and google reviews prior to registering. Our students learn all areas of the face (with the exception of nose and glabella as these are high risk treatment areas), they get to use needles and cannulas, they get to inject patients all day for back to back days, they get to actually utilize hyaluronidase to dissolve filler and attendees who demonstrate competence and a high standard of care receive official course certificates of completion.

Everything our educators wished for in a course, has been integrated into the filler course. Enrol for your chance to see what everyone is raving about!
The Filler Course

filler courses for specialists

Dermal fillers are within the scope of practice of medical specialists as long as they have relevant training. The filler course can provide that level of competency for those looking to offer HA fillers.

The Filler Course

filler courses for physicians

HA fillers are in high demand and physicians should consider adding this procedure to their list of services offered. The filler course provides in depth teaching and extensive hands on practice.

The Filler Course

filler courses for nurses

Offering HA fillers can be a great way to supplement income. The blend of art and science is exciting and being able to perform hands on procedures is rewarding.

What’s Included in the filler course

Why Take Our Dermal Filler Course in Winnipeg

The filler course can open up opportunities to change your career for the better. You have the opportunity to enter a new medical field while expanding your clinic. In no time, you’ll have a steady flow of clients coming to your clinic, increased growth and higher revenue for your practice. Your clients will appreciate you offering them everything they need under one roof, and will be happy they can rely on you to provide them with safe and secure dermal filler injections.


Whether you are a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, general physician, or a medical specialist, our dermal filler course in Winnipeg has everything you need. Led by an expert team, you will notice the difference in our course. Check our calendar to see the next available course near you; we look forward to meeting you! 

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